Geeks, Glühwein and Gadgets

Soundtrack: Mirror Sea

It’s fairly simple to stumble upon a geek party in San Francisco. For a Saturday night I got invited to a housewarming get-2-gether at the Nob Hill. We warmed it with glühwein since the host was actually German.


Two googlers, two roboticists, a neuro nurse and a vegan meet at an 80’s porn movie inspired pad. How do I fit in? I brought wine and I use Google a lot. Conversations span from Marissa to Nexus 4, American crappy banking system and cozy bed mattresses. And Freebase.


Highlight of the evening – driving around San Francisco by night and catching some stunning views of the skyline. On the downside: all this happened while searching for the parking spot.

Another hobo? #sanfrancisco via zivaja

Another hobo? #sanfrancisco via zivaja

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