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A wise man once said ‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.’ I figure the same can be said for someone who sees lots and lots and lots of movies. On my way to West Coast I got to see at least four of those. Couldn’t sleep on the plane, so this was the next best thing.

I remember watching Hunger Games | Loved the strong and lovable heroin;

TED | I am a disappoint, expecting more of Seth. I’m sure they’ll make a sequel which will not be better;

and Magic Mike | *blush* Loved it. Probably because I was expecting it will be really bad. But I can certainly see where Channing got the ‘sexiest man alive’ title.

For the life of me I can’t remember what was the movie nr. 4. Just as well.

Then I got to experience ‘going to the movies’ at AMC Metreon. By myself, mind you. Got the ticket, popcorn and coke and sat down to watch Skyfall with my favorite James Bond Daniel Craig. The hall was half empty, commercials watchable and the coolest part? Free sitting. Finally I watched the movie, so now I can freely read blogs about it. One of my favorites being Brands and Films.

After the movie ended I kinda stayed for the movie that just started playing in the next hall. Breaking Dawn, part 2 of The Twilight Saga was just my luck. Can’t say I’m sorry I stayed. It’s really well made and since I didn’t buy the ticket it really isn’t my place to complain. On that note: cinema tickets are pricier than in Slovenia. I was a bit surprised, I must admit.

The third movie I got to see (yes, I stayed for yet another movie) is hardly worth of mentioning. Pitch Perfect with bad acting but good singing. Just another teenage movie. I started feeling I overstayed my visit.

Quite a movie night, ha? I did get home safely in the middle of the night. Streets of San Francisco are not that dangerous it seems. Still not something I”d recommend though.


A special experience was a movie theatre in Redwood Downtown where I got to see Life of Pi in 3D. Supreme story beautifully made into a movie. Go see it.

I read a book a while ago on my travelling to Morocco and it was a true inspiration and snack for thought and quotes galore.









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