The Ultimate Check-in

Ohai Seamuss^^ via zivaja

Ohai Seamuss^^ via zivaja

Been there, done that, checked-in, took photos, got the t-shirt.

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Whereabouts: Foursqare SF


Tuesday afternoon I made plans for a very special check-in, mother of all check-ins, meta check-in if you will. I visited headquarters of Foursquare in San Francisco. It’s easy to get an appointment there really. You just have to know somebody that knows somebody who is somebody and you’re in. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. Talkin’ ’bout 2 degrees of separation here. Perfect timing helps. And the fact that you’re actually in the city. I wont even mention my involvement in 1st and 2nd Foursquare Day celebrations in Ljubljana 2011 and 2012 at this point.

I met Erin, a lovely person dealing with 4sq’s operations and bunch of excel files, and randomly said hi to whoever was present in the airy open plan office. I was completely amused by the fact, that they had a hairdresser visiting that day. Also, we waved to the Foursquare HQ in New York via live stream.

It”s a pets friendly working environment and I figure everybody loves Seamuss (see photo) here.

Some plans for the future were discussed, expectations for a certain badge were stated, laughs were shared and business cards exchanged.


Open plan office #sanfrancisco via zivaja

Open plan office #sanfrancisco via zivaja

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